Children Learn What They Live

Here are some resources to help you
navigate your parenting path

Addiction Center
Information and treatment options for families suffering from substance abuse.

"The world's #1 partner in parenting"

Simple visual tool and meaningful book to help children cope with bullying behaviors

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The sites Child Development section offers positive parenting tips for children from birth to 17 years, plus additional information.

Consumer Notice  
Child safety guide that covers baby-proofing, food safety basics, toy risks and more.

Financial Assistance
Single Mothers:  help finding grants and government assistance programs.

Kids Health
From general health to illnesses to nutrition and fitness.

National Parenting Education Network
Encourages information sharing, development and networking opportunities for parents.

Pregnancy, birth, babies, parenting, news, fun and more.

Rehab Spot
Web guide covering substance use, addiction and recovery with a section on teens and drug us.

The Bump
Pregnancy, parenting and baby information

The Recovery Village  
Dedicated to helping teens struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders into recovery.

Sunshine Behavioral Health
A guide to types and effects of vaping, why teens vape, how to discuss dangers with teens, and more.

Tuck and
Getting a good nights sleep for parents and children

Your DNA    
Resources for expectant mothers and genetic information

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Children Learn What They Live
Pathways of Parenting
New - only published in Japan
"Sometimes 'holding back' works quite well. "

"Life is all about having trust and faith in your future - and living as though your life depended on it!”