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Our Family's Mission

*  To encourage new generations of devotees to Dorothy's words of wisdom

*  To share more of Dorothy's unpublished writings with the world

​*  To inspire readers toward more meaningful relationships with their families and friends

This website is a new beginning - constructive, positive words to help all of us in small, and sometimes big, ways - not only with parenting, but also in our everyday lives as adults.  We can all use a boost now and then - a fresh look!

Our family plan is to fully support this forum.  As time permits, we will continue to compile new eBooks which will be available on the Shop page, sharing Dorothy's unpublished writings with all of you.  Plus, you will see her ever-changing 'Quotables'  sprinkled throughout this site's pages and in the eBooks. 

Thank you for visiting,

Dorothy's children, grands, greats and great-greats 
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"Let your children know you care -
​show them in ways that make it real for them."
"Liking yourself means feeling good about yourself.  Same with kids.."

Joyce Law Jameson

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