Children Learn What They Live
About Dorothy

An Innovative Thinker and Doer​
* Mother of 3, with a vision toward positive parenting.

* Wrote parenting newspaper articles in her 20s and 30s.

* Wrote the poem ‘Children Learn What They Live’ at the age of 30.

* A life-long teacher and lecturer on family life education.

* The author of over 40 poems, mostly unpublished.

* Was still going strong in her late 70s when she wrote and published
   two books – translated into 25+ languages.

* More books followed, primarily in Japan, where she was greatly admired.

"Parenting ...
Our second chance to grow up."

International Fame​​
 ​Although Dorothy's books were published around the world,
2 countries stand out from the crowd.

"Ask your child to fulfill your expectations, only when they are clear and realistic"

How did Japan's Crown Prince impact
Dorothy's popularity?

Trees planted for Dorothy in Jeruselum. 
What's that about?

Children Learn What They Live
​(The Poem)

*  A world classic

*  A guide and inspiration to parents as they face the most
    important job of their lives - raising their children.

*  This poem recognizes that parents' greatest influence on
    their children is the example they set as role models in
    everyday living.

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